Team Referee is exactly that - a team of referees that work together to provide the best level of referees at UWHNZ tournaments and the continuous development and improvement of individual referees.

The Team Referee concept has been achieving great results and provides a supportive environment where assistance is willingly provided by senior and experienced Referees in clarifying interpretations and better understanding of the game.


As we strive to secure the highest quality of facilities to host competitions, we also seek to provide the best possible standard of refereeing at our tournaments within budgetary constraints.  The selection of referees for competitions is based on a number of criteria and requirements.

Expressions of Interest requests are sent to suitably qualified referees and made publicly available on the website. Any referee interested in officiating is welcome to apply to assist with any competition. This gives everyone the opportunity to help, as well as developing their skill in a supported and collegial situation.

Invitation to Referees is extended by UWHNZ after consideration of the applications based on a number of criteria. These include; skill, experience, level of competition, location of tournament, cost, development opportunity and contribution to the sport in New Zealand, and other factors which can vary depending on the competition calendar and external factors such as upcoming world championships. 

At the Tournament Referees are all required to stay at the accommodation supplied and meetings and briefings are held throughout a tournament to enable Referees to discuss particular situations and improve the skill level of all those attending. In return, we expect Referees to take the skills and knowledge they have learned, practiced and developed, back to their teams, clubs and regions, and pass it on to others as opportunities arise.

Ongoing Development of top-quality Referees and providing the best possible level of officials to both our domestic and international events is one of our key aims.


Each year, New Zealand representative referees are invited to officiate at international tournaments across the world.  Selection of these representatives is an open and transparent process with expressions of interest sought from interested and suitably qualified referees approximately six months out.


If you are interested and would like to challenge yourself in what can be a very rewarding and satisfying aspect of our sport, please contact Rob Feist,, or a member of the UWHNZ executive for more information