Underwater Hockey is one of the most interesting and fun sports out there.

Played on the bottom of the pool with sticks, gloves, masks and fins it is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's a real 3D game where you must learn when to dive down, use your awesome skills and pass off to your teammates to score against the opposing team.

Oh, and you can't communicate.

Being unable to talk to your teammates might seem counterintuitive, but you build trust and friendship that carries on past the pool.

Underwater hockey players around New Zealand form a great, close knit community with people of all ages and from different walks of life


It's easy to get involved.

All of New Zealand's underwater hockey clubs are super happy to welcome new players of all ages, returning players, even international players who are doing a bit of travel. Many clubs run open days and supply gear so you can try this amazing sport for yourself. There may even be an underwater hockey program at your school.

Find your local club or see if your school has a team and give it a go today!