In 2022 the CMAS College of Referees undertook a brief review of the rules of Underwater Hockey.  As a result of the review minor changes were made and these were approved:

  • By the Nationals Federation at the 5 November 2022 meeting
  • By the CMAS BOD at their meeting of 26 November 2022

The key changes made were:

  1. Age qualifications for World Championships
  2. Process for rule changes – moving from meeting at World Championships to online meetings
  3. Move “Protest during match” to the Rules from P&O
  4. Added section for game abandonment and forfeit
  5. Correction of grammar, spelling, & corrections for consistency
  6. Implement changes after BOD approval with 6 months’ notice prior to the 2023 CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships

Version 12 of the rules will be used at all UWHNZ tournaments from 2023.  A copy of the latest rules can be found here.

UWH Rules v12 Vol 1

UWH Rules v12 Vol 2

A copy of the Procedures OObligations for UWH V2 can be found here:

P&O for UWH V2