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Three Gold at Age Group World Championships - New

New Zealand’s Underwater Hockey teams continue to dominate the sport after winning three gold medals at the 5th CMAS Age Group Underwater Hockey World Championships that were held in Sheffield, England in August 2019.

New Zealand had teams in all four grades and ended the competition with 3 gold medals and a bronze.

The Under 19 Women’s team continued their dominance in this grade with a very close 3-2 win over the Colombian team in what was a very exciting final.  They were unbeaten in the tournament and their success was capped with the naming of their captain, Greta Clark, as the player of the tournament for the grade.  

The Under 19 Men’s team also went through the tournament unbeaten and dominated Great Britain in the final by 8-2.    Jackson Godfrey (of Auckland) was named the player of the tournament for the grade. 

The Under 24 Women’s team beat France in the final 3-1 to win retain their World Championship title.  The team went through the round robin games with a single lost to the third placed Great Britain team in what was a very competitive and close grade.  Anastasia Burn (Wellington) was named the player of the tournament for the grade.

The Under 24 Men’s team finished third in their grade with a comprehensive 5-1 win over South Africa after losing to the eventual winners Turkey 0-1 in the semi-finals.  Of note was there win  5-1 against Turkey in round robin”

It was a very successful tournament for New Zealand and great for the sport in which New Zealand continues to dominate on the world stage.  We are all so proud of the players and their efforts at these World Championships

Well done to all of the Players and Team Management

New Logo for UWHNZ - Update

It’s time for a change

After many years of using the faithful logo for UWHNZ on our communications and internal branding it is time for it to retire along with the wooden hockey sticks. We want to let some new blood in and take its place as the face of Underwater Hockey New Zealand.

Before the logo is banished we need to find a new one and UWHNZ is looking to its members to design a new logo.

Its Coming - watch this space

UWHNZ Concussion Policy - NEW

The UWHNZ Concussion policy was approved by the Executive on 11 March and is now in force.  This is an important policy for all of our players given the  observed increase in the number of concussions suffered whilst playing Underwater Hockey in New Zealand.

This policy applies to all UWHNZ tournaments and is strongly recommended for adoption by UWH Clubs, Schools and Local Associations for all Club training, games and competition and all weekly Secondary School Tournaments (Auckland and Wellington)

 A copy of the policy can be found at UWHNZ Concussion Protocol

UWHNZ Appoints new Coaches and Managers - Updated

The UWHNZ Executive is pleased to announce the appointment of the following Coaches and Managers for our New Zealand representative teams:

Age Group Teams

  •    U19 Women’s Team – Appointment of Amy Oberkircher as Manager for the team working with Coach Tristan Reynard
  •    U24 Women’s Team – Appointment of Claire George as Manager working with Coach Emma Rae

  •   U19 Men’s Team – Appointment of Sue Kysow as Manager for the team working with Coach Warwick King

These appointments will cover the campaign for the 5th Age Group Underwater Hockey World Championships which are to be held in Sheffield in August 2019

Elite and Masters Teams

  •    Men’s Elite Team – Appointment of Liam Watson as Coach
  •   Men’s Elite Team – Appointment of Andy Carr as Manager
  •    Women’s Elite Team – Appointment of Rebecca Brosnan as Coach
  •    Men’s Masters Team – Appointment of Bruno Brosnan and Player / Coach
  •   Men’s Masters Team – Appointment of Chris Walker and Player / Manager

These appointments cover the campaign for the 21st World Underwater Hockey World Championships which are to be held in Australia in July 2020.

We congratulate all the Coaches and Managers on their appointment and wish them well with their respective campaigns.

Further appointments are pending for the following roles

·         Women’s Elite Team – Manager
·         Masters Women’s Team – Coach and Manager - In the interim Rebecca Brosnan and Nicole Baker will be acting as facilitators for the Women’s Masters team

2019 AGM - UWHNZ Executive

The following were appointed as UWHNZ Executive for 2019/2020

President                                           Tony Colquhoun (note 1)

Vice President                                 Anton Williams

Secretary                                           Coral Dolman

Treasurer                                           Lisa Thompson

Immediate Past President           Bruce Chamberlin

Executive Member                         Rebecca Brosnan

Executive Member                         Andrew Carr (note 2)

Executive Member                         Rob Feist

Executive Member                         Sarah Arnold

NZUA Representative                   Tristan Reynard

Note 1:

At the AGM Tony advised of his intention to resign in September 2019 after 3.5 years as President.  In order to provide a seamless handover the Executive has appointed Sarah Arnold as the President Elect.  Tony will continue to be on the Executive.

Note 2:

Andrew Carr advised that due to personal reasons he was unable to continue in his role on the Executive of UWHNZ. The Executive would like to thank Andrew for his contribution to the Executive over the past 18 months

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